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Kinetic Creativity



Goodbye, Procrastination.

Hello,            Productivity.

Have great ideas rattling around in your head? Frustrated by finding yourself easily distracted, unfocused, unable to follow through?

It's time to get those ideas out of your head and onto the page.

FIVE FOR FIVE: Five weeks from idea to outcome

In just five weeks, you can:

- develop a consistent writing practice

- complete a draft of a project

- change your relationship with procrastination

You commit to:

* Write 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. The initial commitment is 5 minutes; we'll increase our goals and productivity each week.

* Attend a weekly group call for shared accountability and inspiration

You receive:

Support, accountability, friendly nudges, sources of inspiration, camaraderie with other creatives, and a proven process to jump-start your creative work... and, as you meet your writing goals each week, you earn back part of your enrollment fee. This creates a "feedback loop" in the brain of immediate reward, which solidifies the habit of doing your creative work.

Meet all your goals and earn back HALF of your investment!

Invest $500, earn back $250. 

Thoughtful young woman in eyeglasses wri

Connect and Create:

Creative collective, open to writers, musicians, artists. Come breathe, write, sketch, play!

Sessions are 75 minutes, with an optional 15 minutes for sharing work for feedback.  Session Fee is $25. (Touch base if a sliding scale is needed.)

Next Session via Zoom:

Friday, July 26th: 11am - 12:15pm

A Young Man with a Notebook

One to One Coaching: 


When you need support, plus flexibility for your busy life.

Whether you have a glimmer of an idea, a dusty old draft, or just need some prompts and accountability, these sessions can spark momentum and help you commit and follow through.

Single session, $75.

Package of 3 sessions, $180

FREE 15-minute consultation!

Goodbye, Excuses.  Hello, Excellence.

I'd been frustrated for months with trying to shape a screenplay out of the jumbles in my head and scribbles in notebooks. Taylor's gentle nudges and sparks of inspiration helped me complete a full draft in 5 weeks. I loved the group and the process was so helpful.

Torri Higginson

Los Angeles

Taylor helped me reconnect and rediscover my passion for writing. It was through the community of other writers, the weekly check-ins, and Taylor's gentle reassurances that guided me back to my first love... writing. If you have ever felt you have lost your creative way, Taylor and her creative intuitiveness is the much-needed anchor in your life.

Gigi McQueen

Author of The Year of Being

I had a contracted, 60,000-word project due, and was stuck in a cycle of procrastination and panic. With the deadline looming, I signed up for Five-for-Five.

I was able to get back on track, and turned in the project on time!

Debbie Savannah


Why it works:

Support to help create structure around your writing practice

Accountability to help you find momentum and stay focused

Earn money as you meet your goals

Goodbye, Freakouts.  Hello, Flow.
I'm ready!
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